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Juices & Smoothies

Choose from our range of raw juices & smoothies. Made from fresh, raw ingredients. Only what's listed goes in!

Shots Bar

Juice therapy 30ml shots. Each known for their own unique healing & therapeutic properties. Simply down-in-one!

Juice Programmes

Time to get serious! Choose from a 3, 5 or 7 day raw juice diet. Each plan is designed to help cleanse & detox.


Choose from bags of fresh cut wheatgrass or frozen shots of pure wheatgrass juice.

Bespoke Juices

Juices made just for you. We specialise in making juices that are right for you. Tell us your needs and we'll juice up for you.

Super Veg Juices

20 different raw veg in one power juice. 

Keep it raw! Only fresh ingredients used to produce each juice. No concentrates, no short cuts, 100% natural goodness.

Keep it natural! We do not add any nasty stuff to your juice. Just what we list goes in; only the good stuff. 

Keep it live! Our juices are 100% raw & never heated.

About Our Juices

We have been juicing since 1999. We promote ourselves on the quality of our juices, ingredients and perfected combinations to give you a sensational experience on taste buds & health. When you place an order, then we start juicing for you to ensure you receive the best quality. When our juices & smoothies are made they are instantly frozen to lock in all the goodness naturally. We do not pasteurise or add any nasty stuff to your juice. Exactly what is listed is what goes in. We deliver your juices to you frozen in specialised packaging. This is so we can ensure no goodness is lost while in transit. No deterioration while sat in courier vans, or on shop store rooms. Direct to your door ready for you to unlock the goodness.

Our Shots Bar

Forever being inspired by the medicinal properties of fruit & veg, we wanted to bring these to the bar. Unfortunately they do not all taste great but too great to be dismissed. In 2009 we created our 'Juice Therapy Shots' menu. Quick down-in-one shots (30ml) of raw pure juice. Like a tequila shot. Not all shots taste as good as our smoothies but the health benefits far outweigh the taste. Click for shots menu.

Bespoke juicing

What's good for me might not be right for you. We understand people  have different dietary requirements. We specialise in creating bespoke juices & plans. Let us know what's right for you. If you have a particular juice plan diet to follow, send us your recipe, we will create your juices for you. Let us take the hassle away and make it simple for you to enjoy the benefits. If you would like guidance on what juice would be best for you please give us a call.

Come say hello. Pop in for a Big Juice. Find us at The Glass Arcades, St Nicholas Markets, BS1 1LJ

We opened back in 1999. Bristol needed a really decent health-centric juice bar. Understanding the importance of juicing, we wanted to provide not only a place to serve healthy, honest, totally pure unadulterated juices, but also a hub for discussing health ideas and experiences. Our menu is created to provide you with delicious nutritional combinations. All our juices & shots are made to order using fresh ingredients. YOU ONLY SEE REAL FRUIT & VEG AT OUR JUICE BAR - NO CONCENTRATES! Whether you need an energy booster, a detox, a hangover cure, lunch or just all your greens in one, we'll make it up fresh.

Plants not plastic

Our juice cups & lids are made from plant based material. We started using these in 2007.

Bring your own cup

Receive 5% off your juice when you bring you own reuseable, enviromentally friendly refill.

Opening Times

Our juice bar at St. Nicholas Markets, Bristol is open Mon-Sat 8:00am-5:00pm.

Drop us an email

Requests, feedback, questions, recommendations. Always happy to help.