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wheatgrass juice shot
A daily shot of
"natures' finest medicine."
(Steve Merowitz )
frozen wheatgrass shots
Frozen Wheatgrass Shots
Each box contains 7 x 30ml shots of pure wheatgrass juice. (1 week supply of daily shots). Delivered to you frozen in specialised temperature controlled packaging.
Supergreen shots
Frozen SuperGreens Shots
A shot of freshly juiced wheatgrass boosted with extra greens - spirulina, chlorella, sea weeds & barley grass. All in one shot. Each box contains 7 x 30ml shots (1 week supply of daily shots).
green bang juice
Green Bang
Our Green Bang is one of our classic juices. One that still surprises all who try it. Amazingly delicious, sweet, refreshing & green! All the benefits of wheatgrass in a unique tasting juice. A great introduction to wheatgrass. Great for kids.  Choose from 250ml or 500ml bottles.
Discover the wonders of wheatgrass.
We have done all hard work of growing & juicing to give you best wheatgrass here in the Uk. Our wheatgrass is  lovingly grown using organic wheat grain & under natural sunlight (not under indoor lights). As nature intended, grown absorbing natural sunlight energy.
When our wheatgrass has reached optimum length for nutrition we begin juicing. Each tray is cut, juiced and frozen. We ensure each shot is frozen within minutes of juicing. You won't get better than that.


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