live fermented drink


What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a live fermented drink. Lightly fizzy, refreshing, a natural probiotic which brings many health properties. Also known as the ‘Elixir of Life’.

It is made by brewing green tea with raw cane sugar before combining with the most important ingredient the Kombucha Culture (or SCOBY). The fermentation breaks down the sugars into organic acids, vitamins and ‘good bacteria’ essential for a healthy gut.

Health Benefits

Kombucha tea offers benefits similar to a good probiotic supplement. Like other fermented foods, it is rich in probiotics and helps the body maintain a healthy community of microorganisms in the gut. The gut is often forgotten as it cannot be seen, yet it is the body’s engine for maintaining a healthy body and mind. Probiotics are linked with strengthening the immune system, improving digestion, fighting infections, liver health & mental health.

Our Kombucha

Our Kombucha is made using raw organic cane sugar, raw organic green tea and filtered water. Natural ingredients are infused during the second fermentation process to create delicious flavours of Kombucha. Only natural ingredients are used i.e. fresh pressed juice, herbs, spices. No artificial flavourings at all. Only what is listed goes in.

Over the last decade Kombucha has been rediscovered and its popularity increased, you can even find different types on supermarket shelves. Always check the ingredients list! You have not tasted real Kombucha until you have tried our Kombucha.


Made with:

raw organic green tea

raw organic cane sugar

filtered water

natural flavourings

Delivered fresh (not frozen): Store in fridge