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NO added sugar NO added water. Pure & intense
Big Boost Shots

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Big Boosts to support good nutrition

A big boost in a small bottle. Whether you need to focus on an ailment, need a pick-me-up, or just back-up boosts in the freezer, our big shots are packed with goodness to make a real difference. As with all our juices, we do not not add water, sugar or heat.
We pick the best of nature's healers and perfectly combine them to create shots packed with goodness so you feel your best.
Choose any boost
10 bottles per box - £15
 Only £1.50 per daily boost
Pomegranate Boost Shots
Delivered to you frozen

Beetroot Boost NEW

100% pure, raw beetroot

Known as the 'blood builder', beetroot juice has proven to help boost oxygen to the blood to provide the body with an increased energy and stamina. Recommend before a workout. A daily boost of raw beetroot juice has also proven to help reduce blood pressure naturally.

Beetroot Boost_edited.png

Blue Boost

blue spirulina, Irish sea moss, lemon, lime

Best of the sea. Combining two of the most nutritional sea foods. Spirulina, a potent source of nutrients & plant-based protein. Sea moss is quite unique. It contains over 92 essential minerals. Known as the "miracle of the sea".

Blue Boost


100% raw & pure pomegranate

Pomegranate power. Packed with antioxidants. A daily shot to help support heart health and maintain healthy cholesterol levels naturally.


Black Detox

activated charcoal, chlorella, lemon, apple

A daily shot of activated charcoal is known to help bind to toxins in the gastrointestinal tract stopping them from being absorbed into the bloodstream. They are then passed out of the body in the stool. A natural cycle. A natural detox.

Black Detox

Brain Boost

Lions Mane, Reishi & Chaga mushroom, apple, lemon

Scientific studies show that these mushroom are the three most effective medicinal mushrooms for brain health. They help protect the brain from neurodegeneration, boost cognitive function, improve memory, mood and focus.

Brain Boost

Sleep Aid

coconut milk, vanilla, melatonin

A soothing bedtime shot to aid good sleep. Melatonin is natural compound also produced by the body. If you struggle to switch off, try this shot before bed. Helps to promote good sleep.

Sleep Aid

Immune Boost

ginger, turmeric, lemon, lime, chilli

A firey shot with all the right ingredients to boost your immune. Raw ginger & turmeric to help fire up your immune. Lemon & lime for a vitamin c boost. A touch of chilli to stimulate the immune system. Feel it working straight away.

Immune Boost

Green Boost

wheatgrass, green apple, spirulina, lime

The best green you can take is wheatgrass. We use freshly juiced wheatgrass in this shot never powder wheatgrass. Combined with spirulina, fresh apple and a squeeze of lime. A powerful, intense, chlorophyll rich green shot.


Digest Aid

apple cider vinegar (with mother), ginger, lemon

A shot to help support your digestion and overall health. Apple cider vinegar helps to balance the body's pH levels, aiding in the breakdown of foods, preventing indigestion and acid reflux. Also known to help reduce bloating.

Digest Aid Boost

Liver Support

beetroot, kale, milk thistle, lemon

A power packed shot! Milk thistle, rich in Silymarin to help protect. Beetroot, packed with inflammatory compounds to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation. Kale to help kick start liver toxin cleansing enzymes. 

Liver Support

Turmeric Mylk

turmeric, coconut mylk, black pepper

To maximise the benefits of turmeric, there are two rules to follow. 1-add black pepper to maximise absorption 2-add to a fat soluble to allow body to absorb. This shot has both rules covered. Feel the true benefits of turmeric.

Turmeric Mylk
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