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Protector (7x250ml)


blueberry, blackcurrant, blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, cranberry, mango, apple, lime

Boosts - acai, pumpkin seeds, aloe vera, maca, enchinacea, noni juice


All the dark berries packed in one bottle and enhanced with superfood boots to help keep your immune system protected. Dark berries bring a rich source of vitamin c and flavanols which are highly effective antioxidants. These help fight off any bugs, protecting and strengthening your immune system. A blend of dark fruits and superfoods to create a rich smoothie with a depth of flavours.


  • berries - flavanols rich, great antioxidant
  • acai - superfood berry
  • pumpkin seeds - rich in zinc
  • aloe vera- natural antibacterial properties, great for gut
  • enchinacea - natural immune boosting support
  • maca - highly nutritious and helps balance mood
  • noni juice - anti viral properties to rid of colds, coughs and aches


Protector (7x250ml)

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