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Red Defence (7x250ml)


beetroot, red cabbage, red pepper, sweet potato, carrot, turmeric, ginger, lemon

Boosts - ginseng, maca, enchineaca, essential oils


This red juice is ​potent in antioxidants and minerals. The rich source of anthocyanins give these ingredients their red colour. These powerful antioxidants help the body fight off infectious organisms. A combination of ingredients which  support and protect the immune system, providing a strong defence system against toxins.


  • beetroot & cabbage - potent in antioxidants & minerals; anthocyanins rich which gives the red colour
  • red pepper - rich in vitamins C and A
  • turmeric - rich in curcumin; antiseptic, anti-inflammatory & immune boosting
  • ginger - strong anti-inflammatory; keep symptoms away
  • enchinacea - natural immune boosting support
  • ginseng - helps reduce inflammation & boost immune
  • maca - nutritional, also helps improve energy & mood


Red Defence (7x250ml)

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