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Citrus Boost (7x250ml)


grapefruit, orange, lemon, lime, ginger, turmeric, black pepper

Boosts - amla, enchineaca, ginseng


We all know the citrus fruits are rich in vitamin c and great for helping fight off a common cold. This juice gives you the best of all citrus fruits perfectly mixed with the addition of natural superfood boosts to create a real refreshing, thirst quenching, immune boosting juice.


  • citrus fruits - high content vitamin c
  • ginger - strong anti-inflammatory; keep symptoms away
  • turmeric - rich in curcumin; antiseptic, anti-inflammatory & immune boosting
  • black pepper - to enhance the bodies ability to absorbs nutrients
  • ginseng - boost immune & energy
  • enchinacea - natural immune boosting support
  • amla - great for digestion and liver support

Citrus Boost (7x250ml)

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