Juice Therapy SHOTS

Welcome to our Juice Therapy Shots Bar. Each 30ml shot contains 100% pure, raw juice. Our menu has been created using natural ingredients known and used over many years, for their unique nutritional, therapeutic, healing & medicinal properties. Each shot comes with its own health benefits. Our shots are prepared using fresh raw ingredients, the original source, no powders. These shots may not be as tasty as our smoothies so often best to simply down in one. Like medicine, the benefits definitely outweigh the taste. Each box contains 7 x 30ml pure shots. (1 week/ 1 shot daily)

Aloe Vera Shots

  straight from aloe leaf

Turmeric Shots

  juiced from fresh root

Wheatgrass Shots

  freshly juiced wheatgrass

Ginger Shots

  fresh from root 

Beetroot Shots

  raw, pure, deep purple

Kale Shots

  powerhouse of nutrition

Red Cabbage Shots

  raw with natural rich colour 

Amla Shots

  the Indian Gooseberry, vit. c hit

Chilli & Lime Shots

  HOT, HOT for the brave

SuperGreen Shots

  wheatgrass, spirulina, chlorella, seaweed 

Cold & Flu Buster Shots

  ginger, lemon, enchinea, vit.c

Bitter Melon Shots

  aka 'Karela' - bitter, bitter, bitter! 

Guarana Energy Shots

  raw, brazilian energy shot

Aloe Vera Shots

  straight from the leaf