Green Cleanse Plan



If you are new to raw juice plans, this plan is perfect for you. We have created a programme which is gentle on the body yet very effetive. Designed to help remove toxins & impurities from the blood, liver, kidneys and intestines; a total internal cleanse. Each juice is created using selected raw ingredients, each with its own unique properties to assist and support the body with the cleansing process.

  5 different juices daily

  Raw ingredients

  Unique combinations

  No added sugars

What your daily juice plan consists of:

1. Breakfast: Grapefruit & Kale

kale, grapefruit, apple

An excellent start to your cleansing day. Refreshing, uplifting & energising. Grapefruit helps the body deal with build-up of excess mucus, helps burn excess fat and supports the immune system with a rich dose of vit.c. Kale is rich in lutein, carotenoid and phytonutrients. Nutritionally packed to begin the morning cleanse process.

2. Lunch: Mineraliser

kale, broccoli, coconut water,

lemon, parsley

An intensely green mineral packed juice. Hydrating, oxygenating, detoxifying and blood cleansing. This combination of greens provides rich levels of sulphur which is one of most detoxification minerals used by our body. 
With the addition of coconut and celery to ensure the body is kept
hydrated while cleansing.

3. Mid Afternoon: Detoxifier

wheatgrass, chlorella, kale, apple,

cucumber, coconut water, lime 

These classic greens are highly effective at removing mercury, lead and other heavy metals from the body, which can accumulate through our diet and environment. This juice offers protection from metals strontium, barium and aluminium which may be found in our polluted air. Combined with coconut water and a squeeze of fresh lime to create a refreshing, clean, green juice.

4. Dinner: Metaboliser

spinach, kale, carrot, cucumber,

coconut oil, vanilla

By the time you are on your 4th cleanse juice your body will be craving some good fats. This is why we have added coconut oil as well as the many other health properties it brings. Coconut oil speeds up the metabolism allowing cleansing to progress more smoothly. Combined with the vitamin A in the carrot to help increase liver detoxing enzymes. Creamy, velvety and delicious with a delicate vanilla flavour.

5. Supper: Cleanse Care

fennel, romaine lettuce, courgette,

pear, coconut water

The perfect end of day juice made up of light greens to create a calming, relaxing combination. Fennel helps calm down the activity in the gut and romaine lettuce helps you sleep and body rest well.

Each juice is in a 500ml bottle. 3 day plan contains 15 x 500ml


All juices are delivered to you frozen, with all the goodness locked. Nothing lost while in transit. Store bottles in freezer until you are ready for your cleanse days.


Place 1 days juices (no.1-5) in the fridge to defrost overnight before your cleanse day. Juices will be chilled and ready for the first morning cleanse. Repeat for 3 days.


Each plan comes with a free box of turmeric juice shots - (7x30ml)



 15 x 500ml bottles

plus 7 x 30ml shots

of pure turmeric juice.

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All our juices are 100% natural. No added sweeteners or preservatives. No added water to dilute. We do not heat to loose goodness.