Chef Kit

Dishes available in 650ml containers (each serves 2 large portions or 3 smaller portions)

Tau Yew Bak (Braised Pork Belly)

Pork belly and shitake mushrooms slow-cooked in soy sauce and spices. Our favourite Malaysian comfort food made according to Mom’s recipe!


Pork belly, shitake mushrooms, garlic, soy sauce, spices

(allergens: soya, wheat) 

Chef recommends: Serve with steamed rice or bao

Tau Yew Bak (1 x 650ml)


Chicken Curry Kapitan

Chicken thighs cooked in a combination of different spices and enhanced by the unique flavour of ‘belacan’ (fermented shrimp paste) to produce a rich and thick dry curry. A perfect example of the fusion of different cuisines found in Malaysia.


Chicken thighs, onion, garlic, ginger, shallot, belacan (fermented shrimp paste), nuts, herbs.

(allergens: crustaceans, nuts - cashew/macadamia)

Chef recommends: Serve with steamed rice or rice vermicelli

Chicken Curry Kapitan (1 x 650ml)


Beef Short Rib Rendang

Premium dry-aged beef short rib simmered in spice paste and coconut milk until meltingly tender. The King of Malaysian curries!


Beef short rib, coconut milk, onion, garlic, soy sauce, herbs & spices

(allergens: soy, wheat, sulphur dioxide)

Chef recommends: Serve with steamed rice (or even better if served with coconut rice!).

Beef Short Rib Rendang (1 x 650ml)


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