Researched, tried, tested and by far the best, natural intestinal cleanse on the market. The Robert Gray Program is NATURAL, GENTLE, EFFECTIVE & TAKEN ORALLY.

Why Cleanse?

Air pollution and most of the (unhealthy/processed) foods eaten today contribute to conditions causing toxic colons. Over the years these pollutants form mucoid (slimy) substances in the whole intestinal tract. These mucoid substances accumulate into a build-up of stagnant matter in the intestines. As a result, most people suffer from a drain of energy and vitality, in fact it begins to feel normal to many as it is always there. To help restore good health and vitality requires cleansing and detoxifying of the whole intestinal cleanse (not just the colon). This programme does just that. It is taken orally so the cleanse begins at the top of the intestinal tract.

Build up of stagnant matter on the colon wall can,

block proper elimination
inhibit proper absorption of nutrients
serve breeding ground for germs and parasites.

This can cause a chronic drain on health and vitality and greater susceptibility to disease and illness.  Something many of us try to combat with other treatments rather than solving our bodies actual requirements. Regular cleansing will allow the body to operate at it’s best.

Convential colon cleanse programme may help remove a layer of waste on the colon but do not remove the hard tar-like stagnant waste which has lined the colon for years. Such programs involving enemas, fasting and other procedures can deplete the system of health-enhancing  bacteria and are often harsh and uncomfortable in the effect upon the body.  The Robert Gray formula stimulates the friendly bacteria to multiply so you can cleanse and promote healthy bacteria at the same time. This program removes stagnant waste material which otherwise would never leave the body.

Many people who have performed this program have experienced extensive improvements in vigour, vitality and overall health. This program:

promotes health-enhancing bacteria to multiply
avoids the use of fasting and enemas
requires only a few minutes per day
is suitable for long-term use along with diets
can be performed continuosly on a day-by-day basis until the intestinal tract is completely cleansed

We offer the option of 3 different programmes to suit you your level of cleanse – 1 month, 2 months or 3 months (Candida Cleanse Programme) . Full programme instructions provided with each product. Also detailed at  If you have any questions about this product please contact us.

Product Ingredients:

Psyllium Husk 74%, Inulin, Dandelion Root,  Spirulina, Cloves, Calcium Pantothenate (Vitamin B5)

Pysillium Husk 90%, Dandelion Root, Cloves,  Calcium Pantothenate (Vitmain B5)

Rosemary, Chickweed, Cloves, Plantain, Bayberry Bark, Irish Moss Corn Silk Extract

Calcium Carbonate, Spirulina, Dandelion Root, Calcium Pantothenate (Vitamin B5)

Intestinal Cleanse – 1 month

This pack contains: 2 x Intestinal Bulking Agent, 100 tablets Intestinal Cleansing Formula, 1 x Skin Brush (vegetable bristle) x  1


Price: £ 66.00

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Intestinal Cleanse – 2 months

This pack contains: 3 x Intestinal Bulking Agent, 250 tablets Intestinal Cleansing Formula.


Price: £ 93.50

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Intestinal Super Cleanse – 3 months

This pack contains: 5 x Intestinal Bulking Agent, 350 tablets Intestinal Cleansing Formula, 1 x Lactobacterial Food and 1 x skin brush.  These packages are recommended for people with candida or yeast infections.


Price: £ 175.00

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