40 gel caps. Suitable for vegetarians & vegans.

MicrOrganics Bio-Xanthin – NATURAL ASTAXANTHIN is a bright red carotenoid that it is extracted from the green haematococcus pluvialis alga. This alga contains the highest known concentration of natural Astaxanthin.

  • 550 times more powerful than vitamin E
  • 800 times stronger than CoQ10
  • 6000 times greater than vitamin C
  • 550 times more powerful than green tea catechins
  • 11 times stronger than beta-carotene
  • 2.75 times more powerful than Lutein

Take one capsule per day for the recommended intake of 4mg of premium Hawiian Astaxanthin.

4mg x 40 gel caps - £15.80


Price: £ 15.80

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