Acai berry is amongst the most nutritious food of the Amazon. Our Açai is of the highest grade - Espeçial. No added chemicals preservatives, artificial flavours, colouring, in fact no nasty stuff at all. Each pack contains 4 x 100ml bars of frozen acai. Simply blend to create smoothie, add to yoghurt or create a super breakfast with acai, banana and granola. Each pack starts at £6.50.

pack price box price
7 packs (28 bars) £6.50 £45.50  
14 packs (56 bars) £6.00 £84.00  
21 packs (84 bars) £5.50 £115.50
42 packs (168 bars) £4.50 £189.00


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Price: from £ 45.50

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