Here’s a convenient way for you to start juicing immediately. Bags of freshly cut wheatgrass, which can be stored in your fridge for up to 8-10 days. Release the nutrients by juicing through a masticating juicer. No planting, no compost, no mold, hassle free. Our wheatgrass is cut, bagged and posted all in the same day to ensure you receive the freshest wheatgrass possible.


price postage
1 bag (500g) £9 £4.50 £13.50
2 bags (1 kg) £19 £4.50 £23.50
3 bags (1.5 kg) £29 £4.50 £33.50
4 bags (2 kg) £40 FREE £40.00
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Price: from £ 9.00

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