Lovingly grown organic wheatgrass.

A Bit of Historyfreshly cut wheatgrass

Back in 2001 our passion for promoting healthy eating led us to open a juice bar in Bristol. Big Juice is still a truly unique juice bar. It has always held a faithful and dedicated focus on health and nutrition.

Our aim was to provide our customers with the best nutritional drinks we could. Wheatgrass juice was an essential part of the menu. Wheatgrass’s holistic natural benefits set it aside from the other nutritional boosters and super-foods we researched, many of which we also serve at the juice bar. We soon started growing our own wheatgrass to ensure its quality. There was a lot of interest and positive feedback. Year by year our wheatgrass has grown to be more and more popular at the bar. The natural next step was to branch out beyond Bristol so we started delivering our fresh and frozen wheatgrass nationwide.

How We Grow Our Wheatgrass

Our wheatgrass is grown in greenhouses using the best organic wheat berries and organic compost. Good quality compost increases the nutritive value of the soil and thus the wheatgrass. Growing in greenhouses allows us to create the ideal temperature and humidity for the wheatgrass and allow maximum exposure to natural sunlight. This also allows us to eliminate the potential of any mould growth. Our wheatgrass is constantly monitored, watered, nurtured and loved daily by Graham and Louisa. They ensure you only receive the best.


When our wheatgrass reaches its optimum length, maximum in nutritional content, it is cut, washed and juiced. The juice is frozen instantly (within 15 minutes) to naturally preserve all minerals, vitamins and live enzymes.

“Our frozen wheatgrass

is always less than 2 weeks from harvest!”

Unlike other wheatgrass suppliers, we do not stock large amounts of pre-frozen wheatgrass juice. We provide a constant supply of fresh and frozen wheatgrass all year round. With our juice bar and Graham’s strict controls we keep a rapid turnover of frozen wheatgrass at all times. The frozen wheatgrass you order online will be the freshest possible. In fact, we guarantee that our frozen wheatgrass is always less than 2 weeks from harvest!

Our Growers

Graham and Louisa have been in charge of growing our wheatgrass for many years now and they really have mastered the art. There is certainly no shortage of love in their craft. They ensure each wheatgrass tray gets individual monitoring, watering and rotating.

Graham, also known as ‘boss’, manages the greenhouses. He ensures the wheatgrass gets just the right environment for healthy, nutrient-rich growth. Thanks to Graham there is always a constant supply of perfect wheatgrass, even through the difficult winter months.

Louisa takes amazing pride in her work, she would never let a bad blade pass her quality control checks. Graham often has to force her out of the greenhouses for a break.

Frozen wheatgrass can be kept in the freezer for 6 months.

Rounded Rectangle: "Our frozen wheatgrass is always less than 2 weeks from harvest!"</p>