Lexen Manual Juicer

IDEAL FOR JUCING WHEATGRASS AND OTHER LEAFY GREENS, including spinach, kale, barley. This little hand juicer is great. Everyone should own one! With no need for electricity, no heating the juice, it’s simple, quiet, robust and easy to clean. Super sunction and additional clamp to keep the juicer firm for the tougher vegetables.  Excellent juice yield and a completely dry pulp that will surprise you. Small, light, compact, makes a great travel companion! Plus FREE BAG of fresh wheatgrass.

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Features: -suction cup base attaches to most countertops and tables (non porous surface), up to 50Kg. -includes a metal G-clamp to securely attach to other work surfaces -long handle/pusher for extra leverage -juice collection container with sieve -easy to assemble and reassemble -made from stainless steel and tough polycarbonate which is practically indestructible


Price: £ 32.00

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