“We opened our first juice bar in the summer of 2001. Bristol needed a really decent health-centric juice bar. Understanding the importance of juicing, we wanted to provide not only a place to serve healthy, totally pure, unadulterated fresh fruit and vegetable juice but also a place to be the sounding board for health ideas and discussion.

Motivated by our deep belief of a healthy diet and a continuous quest to solve the big mystery of a perfect healthy diet, we created combinations for our menu concentrating not only on producing the best nutritional quality drinks but also delicious, nutritious and living! No short-cuts, just real fruit and veg juiced.

Forever being inspired by the medicinal properties of fruit and vegetables that are missing from many our diets today, we wanted to bring these to the juice bar. The problem was, not all these vegetables tasted that great and ruined the taste of any smoothies or juice blends. The benefits of these raw juices are too great to be dismissed so in 2009 we developed our

Juice Therapy Shots Bar

Offering our customers a menu of quick shots (30ml) of pure raw juice. A menu inspired by natures finest offerings. Not all the shots taste as great as our smoothies but easy to down in one quick shot (like a tequila shot). Medicine was never meant to taste good!

We are not just all about fruit and vegetables, we also want to provide our customers with products and knowledge that will help them live a healthy life. Healthy living does not have to be expensive. Certain minor changes to your daily routines can have major differences on your health and we believe our products can help.  We promise that our juices are always-

tick 100% all natural fruit and vegetables

tick No added preservatives

tick No added colourings, additives or flavorings

tick No added water or sugars

tick Have not been sat on a shop shelf for days

tick Nutritional and delicious!

We hope you enjoy Big Juice and our products. We would love to hear from you with any feedback, ideas, recommendations or information you think would be valuable to share with others.”

Here’s to good health. Cheers!

John & Harri